Become A Member…

HCI is currently in the process of amending its Constitution which will stipulate who can be regular or non-regular members of HCI pursuant with HAA policies. Generally, the following persons are eligible for membership in Harvard Club Indonesia:

  • Graduates of Harvard University who are of Indonesian citizenship or live in Indonesia (Alumni Members, Based in Indonesia).
  • Persons who studied at Harvard University for not less than six (6) weeks duration, but have not obtained a degree therefrom (Associated Members).
  • Persons who were Fellows of Harvard University or who have worked at Harvard University as members of one of the faculties (Former Fellows/Lecturers).

Currently there are no membership dues. Most club members subscribe to the HCI mailing list or into a WhatsApp group which allows discussion on a daily basis. They also may set up Shared Interest Groups (SIG) with other members who have similar interests. To become a member contact