Board of Directors

The Club is run by member volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors and Officers

President Melli Darsa HLS, LLM94
Vice President/Director of Program & Activities Nurul Nadia Luntungan HSPH, MPH 14
Secretary/Director of Membership Services Andre Prawira Putra HSPH, MPH18
Treasurers Arisia  Pusponegoro HLS, LLM08
Director of Schools and Admissions Brent H. Chinn College, AB92
Director of Philanthropy & Social Enterprise Azalea Ayuningtiyas HSPH, SM 13
Schools and Admissions (Graduate Level) Sidrotun Naim HKS, MPA16
Program& Activities Pragati HSPH, MPH18
Philanthropy & Social Enterprise Brigitta Ratih Aryanti HKS, MPA14
Legal Section M. Ondi  Panggabean HLS, LLM91
Togi Pangaribuan HLS, LLM11

Feel free to contact any of officer to become involved in a particular area of interest or club activity. If you have a great program idea for the Club, contact us with your proposal at