Melli-Radju Elected as President & Vice President of Harvard Club Indonesia for 2022-2024

Melli Darsa and Radju Munusamy were elected as President and Vice-President of the Harvard Club of Indonesia (HCI) for 2022-2024 after obtaining 127 votes (73%) from a total of 174 cast ballots on an election night held on Friday (13/05). One of the exciting facts from this year's election was the number of record-breaking voters turn out, which is the highest ever in HCI history to date.

The election night was the first face-to-face club event since the pandemic and It was held at Plataran Menteng with 60 members attending the event, including the two candidates: Melli-Radju and Kris-Ivana.

The election night was also broadcasted through Zoom and HCI YouTube channel. This hybrid arrangement was aimed to reach as many as HCI members and encourage our members to vote.

During the election night, both candidates were provided with a final opportunity to present their final pitch, which was then followed by a QnA session both from the members who attended on site and also members who joined through the online platform.

The election committee and HCI members all agree that both candidates ran very high-quality campaigns with fresh ideas and approaches on how to make HCI stronger, more impactful for the members, inclusive, and ultimately on how HCI can contribute to Indonesia moving forward.

Furthermore, both candidates had raised the standard for HCI presidential election and showed great sportsmanship which brought out the best in each other throughout the campaign.

Following the announcement of the result, HCI President and Vice-President Elect, Melli and Radju said the campaign has been a great honor and a humbling experience to receive the trust to serve as HCI President and Vice-President.

They will work hard in the next 2 years to deliver their Five Pillar Programs:

  1. Being a bridge to the business world.
  2. Facilitating connection.
  3. Care and embrace.
  4. Making a difference.
  5. Giving back and keeping the pride.

With this result, it will be Melli's second term as the president of HCI and Radju's first term as Vice President, which is hoped to deliver continuity and stronger sustainability for HCI as one of the most impactful alumni associations in Indonesia.

HCI Election 2022 – Candidates Information

Dear HCI members, We are pleased to announce two pairs of candidates for HCI President and Vice President for the term of 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2024:

Here are their profile, vision, mission and strategic programs :

Candidate #1: Kris Rianto Adidarma - Ivana Rachmawati

Candidate #2: Melli Nuraini Darsa - Radju Munusamy

HCI Presidential Election 2022-2024


The following considers Waktu Indonesia Barat (WIB) as the timezone.

4 April 2022 Announcement and open for candidacy application. Flow: ● Candidate to submit application to EC (election@harvardclub.id) ● EC to verify and send notification to applicants ● Rejected candidate can resubmit application (maximum 1 time), at the latest by 17 April 2022
17 April 2022 Last day to submit application online, which includes submission of vision and mission.
1 May 2022 Candidates announcement and issuing campaign number. Candidates’ vision and mission are published in Harvard Club of Indonesia (HCI) WAG and mailing list
1–12 May 2022 Campaign starts; voter registration open
13 May 2022 HCI town-hall gathering to hear candidates present their programs. Hybrid gathering; e-Voting
13 May 2022 e-Voting closed 30 minutes after the last campaign speech of both candidate


1. DEFINITION OF REGULAR MEMBER OF HARVARD CLUB OF INDONESIA (HCI) A Regular Member of HCI is an individual that fulfills the criteria: (a) has attended and successfully graduated from a degree granting academic program from Harvard with a bachelor, master, and doctorate equivalent degree, (b) holds an honorary degree from Harvard, (c) is a student currently enrolled in Harvard, provided that such student is actively enrolled in a bachelor, master or doctorate degree equivalent granting course of study, (d) has associate member status as defined by the HAA, which according to Terms of Use | Harvard Alumni Associate Member is defined as an individual who has not earned a degree from Harvard University or Radcliffe College but has enrolled in a degree program and completed at least one credit-granting course with a passing grade; or a non-degree individual who has completed a certificate program or programs of at least nine weeks cumulative duration. AM-qualifying programs must also have a qualified admissions process.

2. QUALIFICATIONS OF CANDIDATES The candidates shall apply as a pair, consisting of one presidential candidate and one vice presidential candidate (Candidates). Please pay attention to the following requirements before submitting the application. (a) Candidates must apply as a pair (President and Vice President). (b) Candidates must be HCI Regular Members. (c) Candidates must reside in Indonesia in order for them to be able to run HCI well.

3. FILING OF CANDIDACY To file for a candidacy, please submit the following documents to election@harvardclub.id (in one .zip file). Each of the following requirements applies to each of the president and vice-president candidates, save for the letter of intent that should be jointly submitted by the pair. (a) Curriculum vitae (b) Letter of Intent (this should cover the pair’s motivation, vision and mission, and intended main programs to be conducted during the office term) (c) Proof of HCI Regular Membership (d) Proof of residency in Indonesia as evidenced by valid permanent address(es) in Indonesia in an (some) identity card(s) issued by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

4. CRITERIA TO CAST A VOTE Only a Regular Member of HCI that has filled in a voting registration form prepared for this specific election is allowed to cast a vote.

5. CASTING A VOTE A Regular Member of HCI may refer to the following guideline to cast a vote. No change is permitted once the vote is submitted. The following steps is relevant to cast a vote. (a) Register on . (b) Each eligible member will receive one voting rights which shall be exercised by clicking the link to proceed the vote.